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Lee Dong-wook talks about his role in “Single in Seoul”

Lee Dong-wook revealed that he is waiting to meet someone one day.

Lee Dong Wook, who plays Youngho, talks about his role in ”Single in Seoul”. “Single in Seoul” is a well-made, realistic, relatable romance that tells the story of ”Youngho”, a power influencer who likes being alone, and ”Hyunjin”, an editor-in-chief at a publishing company who hates being alone, as they create a book about single life.

Youngho, played by Lee Dong-wook, is an essay instructor and power influencer who enjoys the single life more than anyone else with various hobbies and solo play skills.

He revealed that he sympathized a lot with the role of Youngho and said, “I too have become very comfortable and accustomed to being alone. I leave it alone, thinking that something will work out somehow. In fact, I have never tried, and it is funny that I feel like ‘it will work out somehow’ without putting in any effort. “It’s a long time. I mainly lie down alone. I lie down actively,” he said.

He continued, “Actually, the advantage of being single is that you don’t have to worry about anyone’s interference. Meal times are especially irregular, and I like watching sports, including major league games, overseas soccer, professional baseball, golf, and tennis, so I’m subscribing to all paid sports OTTs.” “Women don’t really like men who only watch sports all day. I can’t help but wonder how angry they would be. I’m not a non-married man, but I think I want to get married. I also often think it would be nice to have children,” he explained.

However, Youngho in ‘’Single in Seoul’’ is an extreme single admirer.

Lee Dong-wook added, “He is a person who shouts, ‘Anyone who is not single is guilty’ and ‘Something for single people is infidelity,’ but I am waiting with an open mind.”

Lee Dong-wook also revealed that while filming ”Single in Seoul”, he remembered his past romantic history.

He said, “I thought, ‘I must have been like this in the past, too.’ I thought that when it comes to dating, even if we spend the same amount of time and have the same conversation, our perspectives can be very different, and I reflected on how my past self may have been boring. “I thought I would show it as much as I could relate to it,” he said.

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