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Lee Hyori tears up over heartfelt letter from late pet dog Mocha

Lee Hyori shed tears over a heartfelt letter from her late pet dog, Mocha.

On the 13th, Lee Hyori shared a photo containing a drawing of her late pet dog Mocha, who crossed the rainbow bridge last year. Along with it was a letter that seemed to be from Mocha, titled “To Mom Hyori”.

In the letter, it was written, “Mom, it’s me, Mocha. Are you doing well? The star here is as big and beautiful as Jeju, so I’ve been busy traveling a lot. Maybe I’m busier than you, Hyori Mom? I’ve been eating a lot of delicious food and made many friends, but… Sometimes, I miss you, Mom.” It continued, “Mom, don’t worry about me, don’t be sad, just miss me. Don’t miss me too much though,” and ended with, “Let’s catch up on all the things we haven’t said when we meet again. I have to go to my next destination now! – Mocha who loves Mom -“, which touched many hearts.

Upon seeing this, Lee Hyori expressed her longing for her pet dog with tears, writing “ㅠㅠ”.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori met and adopted her pet dog during her volunteer work at an animal shelter in 2012 and it has passed on in July last year.


Author Nat.O
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