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Lee Ji-hoon ♥ Aya-ne, Traveling with the ‘Large Family of 18 Living in One House'”

Family bonds and joyful gatherings: Lee Ji-hoon and Aya-ne’s extended family vacation

Singer Lee Ji-hoon’s extended family gathered for a late vacation.

On the 12th, Lee Ji-hoon proudly shared the rare family gathering with the term ‘extended family.’

He expressed, “To move somewhere, you have to prepare with a big heart due to our extended family. We are always happy.”

He continued, “This trip was even more meaningful because it was with Junho’s family. Thank the Lord for allowing us to be healthy in these days.”

Both him and Aya-ne have built a harmonious and happy family, traveling together even after their marriage.

Last year in November, he married his 14-year younger Japanese wife, Aya-ne. They previously revealed their life living with 18 extended family members in one building through SBS’s ‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny.’

Singer-actor Lee Ji-hoon holds wedding ceremony with Japanese fiancé


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