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Lee Ji-hoon’s wife, Ayane, expressed her joy at winning first place

Lee Ji-hoon’s wife, Ayane, expressed her joy at winning first place.

On the 22nd, Ayane said, “How do I look? I wanted to look a bit cool, so even though it’s quite different from my usual image, I tried wearing a suit. What do you think?” as she dressed up in a white suit, radiating elegance.

Expecting childbirth, Ayane attended an event for a baby bottle brand and shared, “I’ve never won anything in my life, you know? While Da-eun unnie and I were saying to each other that we would probably not win, Da-eun unnie got called for second place, and I got called for first place.” She expressed her happiness at winning first place alongside her friend.

Continuing, she said, “We were really happy and delighted to win, but more than that, it was hilarious. It seems like people shouldn’t have any desires. I received gifts that I never even thought of, and I won a 1 million won voucher.” She was pleased.

She added, “As a pregnant woman, it was a day that felt like a wonderful gift to dress up nicely and do my hair after a long time.”

Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane overcame a 14-year age difference and got married in 2021. Last month, they announced successful pregnancy through IVF treatment, and recently, they revealed through their YouTube channel that they are expecting a daughter, receiving many congratulations.


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