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“NEW QUEST: JUNGLE”: Lee Jinhyuk has opened a new chapter with his 6th mini album

Lee Jinhyuk has opened a new chapter with “NEW QUEST: JUNGLE” as he approaches the end of his twenties.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, a showcase was held at the SBS Public Hall to celebrate the release of Lee Jinhyuk’s 6th mini album “NEW QUEST: JUNGLE”.

“NEW QUEST: JUNGLE” signifies the beginning of a new chapter for Lee Jinhyuk. The title track “Relax” is in the urban dance-pop genre, with hopeful lyrics encouraging a relaxed and free-spirited life. In addition to this, the album includes a total of 6 tracks showcasing genre diversity, from “Good Boys” and “Crush” to “Trainwreck”, “Slay”, and “Above My Head”.

On this day, Lee Jinhyuk expressed, “There was a break of one year and eight months, so naturally, I felt a lot of tension and worries. However, since I put my life on the line with this album, I quickly shook off the tension and will approach the album activities with determination.”

Regarding the long hiatus as a singer, Lee Jinhyuk said, “I wanted to release the album quickly, but there were parts that I wasn’t satisfied with. I focused on the details and worked hard to create a quality album.”

“Also, moving to a new company and releasing my first album required some adaptation. I was also working on three dramas simultaneously, making it difficult to focus on the album.”

He said of this album, “I wanted to create music that everyone can listen to and enjoy. While my previous music was also aimed at the public, this time, I made an album considering not only my fans but also mass appeal.”

At the event, the music video for the 6th mini album was unveiled for the first time. Lee Jinhyuk commented, “I watched the music video for the first time today.”

“I was curious about how it would turn out when it was being filmed. Thankfully, it came out cool and well. There are fun elements in the middle, so it’s also good to watch when you need a laugh.”

When asked about the favorite scenes from the music video, he said, “I could mention the yoga scene, walking on water scene, and the background of the music video which embodies the four seasons.”

He also discussed the elaborate featuring lineup, saying, “There are a total of six songs. Especially, ‘Trainwreck’ had lyrics written by Han Seungwoo. He wrote it thinking of me. It’s the first album I’ve worked on with other artists. I hope everyone listens to the included tracks.”

Lee Jinhyuk talked about the challenges of “NEW QUEST: JUNGLE”, saying, “The choreography is not relaxing.” He added, “So, I prepared the challenge in both hard mode and easy mode. But when I said hard mode, no one followed, so I’ll just call it ‘choreo mode’.”

Despite the impending release of his new single, Go Kyungpyo also participated in the challenge, showing their friendship. Regarding this, Lee Jinhyuk said, “Of course, I thought he would go with the easy mode. But he practiced the hard mode saying ‘I will do it’. He came to the company practice room and practiced choreography for 40 minutes.”

He continued, “Later, he said, ‘Jinhyuk, you’re doing something else. Let me memorize the choreography’. He helped me so enthusiastically. I’m really grateful. He took good care of me even when we were filming the drama ‘No Secrets’.”

In addition, Lee Jinhyuk shared his thoughts as an artist in his 9th year of debut. “I debuted at the age of 20 and now I’m 29. While preparing for this album, I had a lot of thoughts like ‘Should I change my style?’, ‘Should I change my dance style?’, ‘What mindset should I have?'”

He said, “I worried whether fans would like it and whether other people, the public, would accept it. So, I put my heart into each song. I realized that I shouldn’t just make light music. Even if it’s easy listening, it should be easy listening that reflects me.”

Lee Jinhyuk is turning 29 this year, approaching his thirties. He said, “I don’t want to pay attention to my age. I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of. Especially, I don’t want to give my fans a distorted version of myself.”

He continued, “Each person might remember me differently. As an actor Lee Jinhyuk, as the Lee Jinhyuk who appeared on audition programs, as the Lee Jinhyuk of UP10TION. However, I want to continue standing on stage regardless of age and create my own direction.”

Lee Jinhyuk’s 6th mini album “NEW QUEST: JUNGLE” was released on the 23rd at 6 p.m (KST).

Watch Lee Jinhyuk’s “RELAX” M/V here!


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