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 Lee Sang-yeop appeared on “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, and his prospective bride’s photos amazed Jo Hang-ri and Bae Hye-ji couple

Lee Sang-yeop appeared on “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, and his prospective bride’s photos amazed Jo Hang-ri and Bae Hye-ji couple.

On the 12th, Lee Sang-yeop visited the home of KBS announcer Jo Hang-ri on the KBS2TV show ‘Pyeonstaurant’.

On this day, Lee Sang-yeop, a senior colleague and close friend of KBS announcer Jo Hang-ri, visited the newlywed home. Welcoming him warmly upon arrival, Jo Hang-ri mentioned, “(Lee Sang-yeop) hyung is the first visitor,” revealing his affection for Lee Sang-yeop.

Previously, Jo Hang-ri and Bae Hye-ji held their wedding ceremony at a wedding hall in Seoul in November last year. The couple, who announced their marriage last month, had been in a relationship for about four years as juniors and seniors at KBS before making a lifelong commitment.

Next, as it was his first visit to their new home, they revealed their wedding photos. Looking at Jo Hang-ri, who had kept the wedding invitations, he joked, “We picked them out, should we do it again?” followed by laughter. Then, looking at the wedding photos, he exclaimed, “The bride is so beautiful, like a fairy tale couple,” marveling at the sight. They also had a photo with KBS microphones showing they met on KBS news. All celebrated this being an internal match.

Continuing their conversation, Jo Hang-ri showed them that he had passed the Korean cooking skill certification test. He said, “When I was a kid, I told my mother and father-in-law that if you show a certificate, you won’t get a drop of water on the son,” which amazed everyone. But, still, before the practical test, he said he would see it soon.

Also, that day, Lee Sang-yeop asked if he would hang wedding photos in his house. Lee Sang-yeop said that he needed permission from his wife, saying, “I want to be less married and praised,” laughing, “Isn’t a man born to get married?” Laughing hard, saying, “Sorry,” he knelt down and apologized to the camera.

At this point, his wife, Bae Hye-ji, arrived home. Bae Hye-ji embraced Lee Sang-yeop with a bouquet of flowers, brightly greeting him, “Congratulations on your marriage!”

Then, Bae Hye-ji asked Lee Sang-yeop, “Is the wedding preparation going well?” Curious about the wedding photo. Lee Sang-yeop revealed the wedding photos only to the two couples. Bae Hye-ji, who saw them, was shocked, saying, “It’s so beautiful, like a celebrity, are you a model?” But she was more surprised to learn that the wife was a regular office worker. The panels also asked, “How beautiful can it be to get that reaction?”


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