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MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seokhoon’s Brunch Cafe”: Lee Sang-yeop filled in for Lee Seokhoon on the radio show

Lee Sang-yeop filled in for Lee Seokhoon on MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seokhoon’s Brunch Cafe”.

On the 15th, on MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seokhoon’s Brunch Cafe,” special DJ Lee Sang-yeop appeared and shared stories.

Lee Sang-yeop replaced singer Lee Seokhoon, who was on vacation, as the DJ for the day. Lee Sang-yeop said, “Koondi casually contacted me. He said he thought I was available anytime and wanted to meet. It was like, ‘Be my friend,’ and he asked me to be the radio DJ for a few days, so here I am,” sharing behind-the-scenes details with laughter.

He then had a time to answer various questions. When a listener planning to move asked if Lee Sang-yeop’s new marital home was cluttered, he replied, “One thing for sure is that we started off simple, but there’s clutter somewhere. It keeps piling up. I think it’s unavoidable.”

Another listener lamented, “I had an argument with my husband over whether to throw away unused items or keep them, and we still haven’t made up,” explaining that things have piled up.

To this, Lee Sang-yeop empathized, saying, “I understand. I’ve seen a lot of this. My parents also fought a lot over these kinds of things, so I wonder if I’ll be like that soon. But don’t you need to throw some things away to make room for new ones? I hope you can have a good conversation.”

Responding to the comment, “Well done for inviting Sang-yeop for the Buka ahead of the audience rating survey,” Lee Sang-yeop replied, “Starting from tomorrow, with the audience rating survey ahead, I will diligently fulfill this heavy task,” adding humor by saying, “I feel pressured having Koondi, who looks at me with a smiling face, like a pedestal in front of me.”

As a surprise, a message of support from Lee Seokhoon also came through. In response, Lee Sang-yeop said, “I was pleasantly surprised. It’s good to hear this again. I miss you,” boasting about their loyalty. Finally, Lee Sang-yeop announced, “I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m. for the live broadcast.”


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