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Arena photoshoot: Lee Seung-gi’s captivating pictorial for Arena has been powerfully released, showcasing his charisma and style

Lee Seung-gi’s captivating pictorial for Arena has been powerfully released, showcasing his charisma and style.

Lee Seung-gi, who celebrates his 20th debut anniversary this year, is releasing a pictorial at “Arena Homme Plus” for the first time in a long time. Lee Seung-gi, a Korean Wave star who has been loved at home and abroad, plans to show off his new charm to fans through this pictorial.

Lee Seung-gi showed a new side of himself that he had never shown before through this pictorial. He is said to have been impressed by all the staff present at the scene with his bold styling and pose, which were quite different from usual. In addition, the pictorial, completed with a minimal yet sophisticated concept, conveys Lee Seung-gi’s beautiful visuals and precious moments that look back on his long-term debut activities.

Since his debut, Lee Seung-gi has been active in various fields such as acting, singing, and entertainment, and has been consistently loved. In the interview that followed the pictorial, he also looked back on his consistent performance since his debut.

Regarding his performance as an MC, he summed up his entertainment career by saying, “An MC must have the luck of the times. Because he or she needs hosting experience. There is an experience that comes from working on a national program from an era that will remain in history.”

He also had a thorough attitude toward work. Lee Seung-gi said, “I think we should not lose sight of sincerity and sincerity in this work. Although ‘sincerity’ is a very common word, I believe that we must act unconditionally. We cannot rest, and I want to do fun things.” He revealed his aspirations.

Lee Seung-gi’s cool appearance and candid interview can be seen in the February issue of <Arena Homme Plus>.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-gi tied the knot with actor Kyun Mi-ri’s daughter and actress Lee Da-in in April last year, and announced that she was pregnant in November of that year. She is due to give birth in February.


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