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Sing Again 3: Lee Seung-gi showed off his MC skills

Lee Seung-gi showed off his MC skills through “Sing Again 3”.

On the 18th, JTBC’s entertainment show “Sing Again 3” came to a close. “Sing Again” is a reboot audition program that helps singers who need one more chance stand in front of the public again.

The performance of central MC Lee Seung-gi, who has reliably led “Sing Again” since Season 1, cannot be left out. Lee Seung-gi, whose main profession is a singer, established himself as an indispensable member of “Sing Again” by empathizing with the participants and touching their hearts based on his high understanding of music.

In Season 3, Lee Seung-gi’s more sophisticated hosting stood out. Lee Seung-gi played a role in balancing the contestants and judges and turning the tense atmosphere into a pleasant one with his unique, sensible comments. In particular, in Season 3, the TOP 10 naming ceremony was held with the audience for the first time in the season, and Lee Seung-gi conducted a comfortable event that even included the audience.

Sing Again Season 3 (2023) - MyDramaList

Lee Seung-gi revealed his extraordinary effort and affection for “Sing Again” and said, “I think there are only two ways to achieve empathy: interest in the participants and focus on the stage. “I worked hard to ensure that everything was released smoothly without editing without losing the sense of realism.”

“Sing Again’ is a program that has deep meaning to me as well. Season 3 has ended, but as an audience member and singer, I support the dreams of all the contestants.”

In addition, Seung-gi Lee said, “‘Sing Again 3’ is the season in which Singer Gain Kids appeared for the first time. I was touched that ‘Sing Again 1’ inspired young people to dream. I am very honored as an MC who has been with ‘Sing Again’ from the beginning, and I think that ‘Singer Gain’ has shown great existence value.”

Lee Seung-gi is expected to be active as a singer and actor in 2024. An album commemorating the 20th anniversary of his debut is being planned, and the movie “Big Family”, filmed with director Yang Woo-seok, who directed “The Attorney” and “Steel Rain”, is scheduled to be released. Also, Lee Seung-gi’s wife, actress Lee Da-in, is expected to give birth in February.


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