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Lee Sun-gyun’s leg hair ‘cannot be assessed’ for drug usage

The police investigation into actor Lee Sun-gyun’s drug charges is unfolding in a different way from the investigation into singer and actor Park Yu-chun.

According to the police on November 15, the National Institute of Forensic Science recently conducted a detailed examination of Lee Seon-gyun’s leg hair, but conveyed to the police the opinion that drug analysis was not possible due to the insufficient body hair weight.

The police plan to re-summon Lee Sun-gyun soon. It is reported that he is considering requesting additional analysis, such as resampling leg hair.

The police are having difficulty proving Lee Sun-kyun’s drug charges. After Lee Sun-kyun was booked without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on October 23, Lee Sun-kyun was summoned for the first time on October 28 and a simple reagent test was conducted. The result was negative.

In addition, 100 strands (about 10 cm) of Lee Seon-gyun’s hair were collected and requested for detailed analysis, but all sections were negative. Accordingly, it was revealed that Lee Seon-gyun had not used drugs for at least 8 to 10 months.

In fact, the person involved has neither admitted nor denied the charges.

Ahead of his second summons and investigation on November 4, Lee Sun-gyun said, “I apologize once again for causing concern to many people.” When asked by reporters if he acknowledged the drug charges, he replied, “I will answer sincerely during today’s investigation.”

After the investigation ended, Lee Sun-gyun said, “I answered all the questions today (in the investigation) sincerely and honestly. I answered many questions, including the facts, with sincerity. I honestly told the truth.”

It was also determined that narcotic substances could not be identified through a leg hair test, and the public fraud of Park Yoo-chun, a singer and actor from the group JYJ, who caused a drug scandal, was also brought into the spotlight.

In early 2019, Park Yoo-chun was accused of using drugs (philopon) on five occasions with Hwang at the home of his former fiancee Hwang Hana (a charge of violating the Narcotic Drugs Management Act).

During a recent police investigation regarding her alleged drug use, Hwang Hana claimed that celebrity A encouraged her to use drugs and instructed her to obtain drugs.

Accordingly, Park Yoo-chun held an emergency press conference on April 10, 2019 and said, “I have never taken drugs. I was scared when I saw reports that Hwang Hana had pointed out celebrities and recommended drugs. I was scared that they could be mistaken for me. I never did drugs. I was filled with fear and fear, wondering if I would become a drug addict even though I didn’t do it. But I decided that I never did drugs, so even if I was investigated by an investigative agency, I wanted to tell you in person.”

She maintained her innocence and even threatened to retire if the allegations were not true.

Park Yoo-chun said at a press conference, “I have never taken drugs, much less recommended them. I am enduring the pain to act again. But I cannot even imagine taking drugs that would have ruined everything. I will faithfully undergo the investigation.” “If the charges are proven, everything in my life, not just my retirement, will be denied, so I came here with a desperate heart,” he said.

On April 16, 2019, the police searched and seized Park Yu-chun’s home in Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, collected body hair, including hair and leg hair, from Park Yu-chun to test her drug reaction, and requested analysis from the National Institute of Forensic Science. In the simple reagent test, Park Yoo-chun tested negative.

Among these, suspicions arose that Park Yoochun had recently removed her hair and repeatedly dyed and bleached her hair in order to destroy drug evidence, sparking controversy. Park Yoo-chun then said through his legal representative, “There is a suspicion that he shaved his hair to destroy evidence ahead of the police investigation, but this is not true. Park Yoo-chun has regularly shaved parts of his body since he was active in the past.

Moreover, the police have already “We collected a sufficient amount of leg hair, including the hair roots, from legs that had not been shaved at all, and requested a thorough examination by the National Forensic Service,” he claimed. However, as a result of a detailed examination by the National Forensic Service, the leg hair tested positive for philopon, and the suspect was caught.

On April 24, 2019, Park Yoo-chun was expelled from her agency and her contract was terminated, and she reiterated her intention to retire from the entertainment industry. On April 26, 2019, after being interrogated as a suspect before her arrest (examination of the arrest warrant), she was tied to a rope and transported to a detention center, where she was eventually arrested. On April 29, 2019, Park Yoochun reportedly belatedly admitted to her drug use during an investigation by the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency’s Narcotics Investigation Unit, stating that she was “afraid to put myself down.”

Meanwhile, the police failed to secure physical evidence against G-Dragon during the first investigation into her drug charges. Police booked her without detention on October 25 on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Accordingly, G-Dragon voluntarily appeared at the police station on November 6 and underwent his first investigation, saying, “I have never used drugs.”

In the first investigation, the police conducted a simple reagent test on G-Dragon. The result was negative. In addition, the police recently applied for a search and seizure warrant for G-Dragon’s communication records, but the request was dismissed due to a lack of evidence of the crime.

On November 10, G-Dragon’s advisory lawyer Kim Soo-hyun of the K-One Chamber law firm raised suspicions that he had removed his entire body hair ahead of a drug test, saying, “G-Dragon has never dyed or bleached his hair in the past year and five months.” An official statement was released stating that the report was clearly false.

G-Dragon said through his legal representative, “In this case, the court dismissed the communication warrant due to lack of explanation, and no search and seizure warrant for hair, etc. was issued. Nevertheless, it is important to quickly reveal the substantive truth and resolve suspicions as soon as possible. “I believed it would reduce confusion, so I voluntarily showed up and actively cooperated with the investigation by arbitrarily submitting not only urine and hair, but also fingernails and toenails,” he said. “I reveal it,” he said.

At a regular press conference held on November 13, the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency announced that the determination of whether or not a suspect is suspected of investigating a drug crime is made based on not only the results of the National Forensic Service’s analysis, but also the statements of officials and forensic data.

The police said, “It is somewhat unreasonable to conclude that it is an unreasonable investigation just because the result of the simple drug reagent test has been negative up to this point. The fact (the fact that the investigation was initiated) was discovered at the stage of the internal investigation (pre-booking investigation) before securing clear evidence. “It is not easy to investigate because it is known,” he said, adding that the investigation will continue in accordance with legal procedures.

In response to the point that the investigation was launched based only on the statements of those involved without clear physical evidence, he said, “That is correct.” He added, “We conducted an internal investigation because the subject of the investigation had no choice but to testify and confirm the crimes of others, and the details became known. We are in the process of doing what we can step by step.”


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