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Lee Sun-kyun faces moral criticism amidst drug allegations

Amidst drug allegations, actor Lee Sun-kyun’s recent attempt to proceed with a new project this week has left many disappointed. Despite being aware of the potential harm it could cause to the production, Lee Sun-kyun was determined to continue filming.

Lee Sun-kyun had commenced filming for the drama ‘No way out’ on the 16th, with the first shoot scheduled for the 21st. However, on the 19th, it was revealed that he was under investigation for drug-related allegations, effectively leading to the cancellation of his role in the project.

‘No way out’ faced a setback due to Lee Sun-kyun’s sudden exit, requiring casting changes and a reshuffling of the shooting schedule, resulting in time and financial costs. However, compared to other projects that have already completed filming or were in the late stages of production, the damage was less severe.

Several upcoming film releases are facing more serious consequences. Movies like ‘Escape: Project silence’ and ‘Land of Happiness,’ which had plans for year-end releases or were in post-production, are now in jeopardy due to the ongoing police investigation.

While it is difficult to pass judgment on the alleged criminal activity related to drug use, Lee Sun-kyun’s decision to accept a new role in the drama ‘No way out’ during an ongoing investigation and under potential threats has been heavily criticized as a significant moral lapse.

A similar incident involving actor Yoo Ah-in earlier this year serves as a precedent. In March, Yoo Ah-in faced a drug investigation, leading to the temporary suspension of Netflix movies ‘The Match’ and ‘The Fool’s End’ that had been scheduled for release in the second and fourth quarters. The productions associated with these films, worth tens of billions of won, suffered significant setbacks. Observing these incidents from the sidelines, it is difficult to comprehend Lee Sun-kyun’s actions, which have drawn widespread condemnation.

On the 20th, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, released an official statement, saying, “We are currently verifying the facts related to the allegations raised against the actor. We will sincerely cooperate with any investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies in the future.” The statement’s vague stance neither confirmed nor denied the drug allegations, leaving the public bewildered.

Furthermore, the statement mentioned that they had filed a criminal complaint against an individual identified as “A” for continuous defamation and threats related to the case. They also warned that they would respond strongly to the spread of false information or malicious posts. While the official statement indicates a wait-and-see approach due to the ongoing police investigation, the attempt to divert the focus to threats instead of addressing the core issue of drug use has only added to the disappointment of the public.

Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency is currently investigating Lee Sun-kyun along with seven others, including aspiring entertainers, entertainment establishment owners, singer trainee “A,” and third-generation chaebol “B.”


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