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Lee Yi-kyung’s 180 degree transformation from bad ‘trash husband’ to good ‘Captain Bong’ for his next drama

Lee Yi-kyung transforms from ‘trash husband’ to ‘Captain Bong’ for his next drama.

In the recent tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband”, Lee Yi-kyung takes on the role of the ‘trash husband’ Park Min-hwan, delivering a performance that ignites laughter with his own unique style. Lee Yi-kyung portrays the outrageous actions of the ruthless Park Min-hwan, evoking both anger and amusement, adding witty details to enhance the comedic aspect.

Lee Yi-kyung, fully immersing himself in the character, is creating a character that seems to defy ruin, even leading to comments like “Isn’t this his retirement piece?” His ability to complete the character by comically breaking down and the instantaneous change in his gaze, amplifying the character’s violence and eeriness, contribute to the drama’s over-immersive experience.

With six episodes remaining in “Marry My Husband”, his next project is set to be a completely different portrayal. His upcoming work is the Channel A drama “Marry You (Working Title”. In “Marry You”, Lee Yi-kyung plays the role of Bong Cheol-hee, a perfect all-around worker with every skill imaginable. The drama revolves around the so-called ‘mediation romance’, depicting the struggles of government official Jung Ha-na (played by Cho Su-min), banished to the hastily formed ‘Marriage Fraud Team’ to facilitate the marriage of the single islander Bong Cheol-hee (played by Lee Yi-kyung), who meets all the conditions to avoid marriage.

His transformation into the flawless all-rounder Bong Cheol-hee, a character completely different from his previous role, generates anticipation for his new appearance. “Marry You”, targeting a broadcast in the first half of this year, has also cast actors Go Joon-hee, Cho Su-min, and Ji Yi-soo, promising an exciting ensemble.


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