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Lee Yoon-jin has refuted each piece of evidence presented by Lee Beom-soo’s side

Lee Yoon-jin has refuted each piece of evidence presented by Lee Beom-soo’s side.

On the 18th, Lee Yoon-jin posted on her SNS story, quoting an article containing Lee Beom-soo’s statement: “My son has his own mobile phone, so he can make calls anytime. There has never been a time when I prevented him from contacting his mom. I have never blocked access to my daughter’s Seoul residence.” She wrote, “Shut your mouth,” in response.

In addition, Lee Yoon-jin revealed her daughter’s KakaoTalk conversation. Her daughter left messages for Lee Beom-soo, saying, “Dad, please answer the phone,” and “I need to get textbooks to go to school. They’re at home. Please reply to me, please.” However, although the ‘1’ indicating that the message was read disappeared, there was no response.

Furthermore, Lee Yoon-jin sent a lengthy message to her son, who is with Lee Beom-soo, stating, “I recently found out which school you transferred to. Looking at the class photo, you’ve grown so much and become a complete elder brother. The teacher praised you as the most lovely student who comes to school first, and it made mom tear up.” She continued, “Mom will briefly visit Korea next week. It hurt my heart to see you and your sister quarreling when I saw you last. Dear, Mom and Dad’s separation is not ‘quarreling.’ Even if we don’t live under the same roof, you should grow up receiving love and contact from Mom and Dad.” However, the ‘1’ never disappeared.

On the same day, Lee Yoon-jin mentioned on YouTube’s ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’ that “The actual nature of Lee Beom-soo’s simulated firearm is a prop from a movie using rubber bullets,” and refuted, “Isn’t the issue raised by Lee Yoon-jin considerably sloppy to be reported and discarded by the South Korean police, who received a report of a woman bringing a toy gun?”

With the positions of both sides becoming increasingly tense and serious, attention is focused on how the situation will unfold in the future.

Meanwhile, Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yoon-jin got married in 2010 and have one son and one daughter, but after 14 years of marriage, they faced a crisis. Lee Beom-soo’s agency, Yee One Entertainment, stated, “We will not respond individually to the posts that Lee Yoon-jin publishes on social media being turned into articles. Instead, we will respond directly through the lawsuit raised by Lee Yoon-jin, presenting claims and rebuttals in the lawsuit, as the facts are quite different and will be addressed in court.”


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