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Singer Lee Young-ji apologized to overseas CARATs of SEVENTEEN

Singer Lee Young-ji apologized to overseas CARATs of SEVENTEEN.

On the 2nd, Lee Young-ji left her lengthy apology in English on her own channel. Lee Young-ji bowed her head, saying, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

On this day, a netizen left a comment on Lee Young-ji’s post, “Young-ji, it’s Dokyeom oppa. Goodbye, it’s already 2023. I’ll send you a KakaoTalk message for the New Year.”

Accordingly, she also revealed the contents of her message that Do-gyeom sent the day before.

The screenshot said, “Youngji, let’s have a lot of luck this new year! This year must have been a very valuable year for you. I’m always cheering you on, so I hope you soar even higher in 2024.Take care of your health and eat well.”

She added a comment saying, “Dokyeom is really the funniest person in the world.”

This is what Dokyeom and Lee Young-ji said last year in an episode related to the message they shared when they appeared on the web entertainment show “My Alcohol Dairy”.

He jokingly said, “I felt pressured to send a reply of that length.”

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Some overseas fans who heard this said that Lee Young-ji treated Do-kyeom’s message as a meme, and she accepted that she was ignoring Do-kyeom.

As the controversy spread, she explained in this regard, “I am always grateful for the texts sent by Do-gyeom. I asked Do-gyeom if I could upload (the contents of the conversation to the channel) and received permission to upload.”

She then apologized again, saying, “I will behave more carefully in the future.”

Netizens who came across Lee Young-ji’s post attacked her, saying, “There is no need to apologize,” “She must have been in a lot of trouble,” and “I hope you don’t worry too much.”

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