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Lee Young-ji sends generous gifts to fans who took the college entrance exam

Singer Lee Young-ji has prepared a substantial gift for fans who endured the college entrance exam.

On the 16th, Lee Young-ji left a message on her X (formerly Twitter) account, saying, “You’ve worked hard, you are the best,” to the test-takers.

Along with the message, she shared codes for gifts that included 1st-grade Korean beef, chicken sets, Apple Watches, and vouchers for a hotel course meal.

Recipients could enter these codes in the KakaoTalk gift section to receive Lee Young-ji’s gifts.

This gesture from Lee Young-ji demonstrates her consideration for fans who have been preparing for the college entrance exam for the past 12 years.

In fact, one fan who received Korean beef left a review saying, “Unnie, even though I messed up the test today, thank you. I will enjoy it.”

This event also shed light on Lee Young-ji’s story related to the college entrance exam.

In 2020, Lee Young-ji was supposed to take the college scholastic ability test but couldn’t make it to the exam site because she overslept due to working late into the night. At that time, she reported the fact that she couldn’t attend the test due to waking up late, saying, “I was so nervous and worked late into the night that I couldn’t hear my alarm, and this is a true story.”

Lee Young-ji added, “I also live well like this. You guys are really the best. Everyone comforts me, but it’s okay because I didn’t study. I was going to go and cheer you up with my grades, but I couldn’t, and I’m sorry about that.”

Lee Young-ji made her debut in 2019 with the single album ‘Dark Room’ and is the first female winner of Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 11’.

She has been actively involved in charitable activities, donating 100 million won to aid children at risk of malnutrition and orphans, in addition to contributing to the “Gather Jjeuhorn” goods sales proceeds.


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