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Lee Yu-bi, a character maker, turning her personal color into a villain

Actress Lee Yu-bi created tension by portraying an unusual alliance with villains.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘The escape of the seven,’ which aired on the 20th, Monet (played by Lee Yu-bi) was shown to be unhesitant in making threats to hide the truth.

On this day, Monet showed confusion in a situation that was going in an unexpected direction. In particular, not only did she witness the death of Chil-seong (played by Lee Duk-hwa), but her face also turned contemplative at the news that there was another dead body.

Monet received a sudden call from her younger brother and answered with a sensitive voice, and she felt another crisis at the news that her family had returned to Korea. She hurriedly looked for Ra-hee (played by Hwang Jung-eum) and expressed her anxiety about the fact that her family had returned due to someone’s actions.

When Monet, who was invited to Matthew’s (played by Um Ki-joon) house, confirmed the strange alliance with the seven people again, she raised tension by claiming that it was all a show, revealing that the video of the deserted island scene was turned on by Matthew with a stern face, and that all seven people were related to Dami (played by Jung La-el).

In this way, Lee Yu-bi freely moved between anxiety and malice in the rapidly changing plot, solidly establishing the character of Monet. Her eyes, which changed in an instant and sent shivers down the spine, further solidified the character.

Lee Yu-bi not only added fun by depicting the strange alliance among selfish villains but also enriched the drama by portraying the diverse aspects of Monet, who is anxious about the lies that can burst out unpredictably. In addition, Monet’s curiosity about how she will deal with revenge that may erupt unpredictably stimulated the viewers’ curiosity.


Author joyce.editor
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