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Legal battle ensues: Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment vs. Taldeok Suyongso

“Legal Battle Ensues: Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment vs. Taldeok Suyongso”

The strong legal response from IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment against the fake news is still an ongoing battle.

According to the exclusive investigation by Star News, the Seoul Central District Court’s 18th Civil Division (multiple judges) issued a conditional enforcement suspension decision regarding the forced execution suspension application filed by A, the operator of Taldeok Suyongso, on January 29th, and delivered the judgment copies to both parties.

The most notable aspect of this decision is the conditional enforcement suspension. It means that the execution is suspended only if the security deposit of 100 million won is paid.

If A fails to fulfill the security deposit, the enforcement suspension decision would be invalidated. However, it was confirmed that A has deposited 100 million won. Although it can be considered natural for Jang Wonyoung’s side to proceed with the forced execution for the 100 million won damages incurred due to winning the lawsuit, A’s security deposit has temporarily halted the forced execution.

From A’s perspective, this security deposit indicates a refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing. While Jang Wonyoung’s side may see the forced execution and compensation process as a natural consequence of winning the lawsuit, A, on the other hand, refuses to accept the court’s ruling, evident in their decision to accept the 100 million won security deposit to prevent forced execution.

Ultimately, both sides will continue their legal battles through the appellate court. A, who has consistently ignored the proceedings in the first trial, plans to prove the injustice through the second trial and potentially seek to retrieve part or all of the 100 million won security deposit based on the reversal of fortune in the second trial. This could be a headache for Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment.

In addition, it was revealed that A clarified in writing to the court during this lawsuit that they had never personally written an apology letter through online communities. This further confirms their refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Starship Entertainment officially mentioned Jang Wonyoung’s civil lawsuit against Taldeok Suyongso, stating, “The opponent did not respond, resulting in a judgment in favor of the claimant.”

In October 2023, Jang Wonyoung filed a 100 million won damage compensation lawsuit against A, the operator of Taldeok Suyongso. The lawsuit was filed in October 2023 and after the court requested a response from the defendant, which went unanswered, the court deemed it served, and without further argument, ruled in favor of Jang Wonyoung.

However, A’s response was to submit an appeal after the lawsuit was received, essentially refusing to respond to the court and Jang Wonyoung’s legal actions. Consequently, the case has moved to the appellate court.

Typically, if the defendant files an appeal within two weeks after receiving the judgment, the decision is not finalized. However, if there is a provisional execution clause, creditors can still enforce execution based on the execution writ, even if the judgment is not finalized due to an appeal.

Ultimately, Taldeok Suyongso has shown no intention of accepting Jang Wonyoung and Starship’s strong legal response. However, with the conditional enforcement suspension decision matching the amount of the lawsuit, it can be seen as the court’s conclusion that A must accept the result of the 100 million won lawsuit.

Taldeok Suyongso has been notorious for indiscriminately spreading false information and malicious rumors about popular celebrities to increase views. Major music industry organizations have been urging strict punishment against Taldeok Suyongso and other malicious content creators since September 2023.


Author Nat.O
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