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LESSERAFIM’s Sakura, directly responded to the skills controversy

Sakura Miyawaki, also known as LESSERAFIM’s Sakura, directly responded to the skills controversy surrounding their group.

On the 15th, Sakura posted a lengthy message on the fan community Weverse, stating, “From preparing for ‘Coachella’ to the day of the event, I learned a lot.”

She continued, “What does it mean to stand on stage? Is it about presenting a perfect performance? Making the audience happy? Or is it about flawlessly executing the stage without any mistakes? Everyone has different standards,” and added, “It varies depending on the stage.”

Furthermore, Sakura expressed, “We, who have been debuted for less than 2 years and have only done one tour, stood confidently and sincerely poured all our strength into this stage called ‘Coachella’,” and stated, “To some, we may seem inexperienced. However, it is an undeniable fact that among the stages we’ve shown, this was the best stage.”

Additionally, Sakura mentioned that some people walking around the ‘Coachella’ square said, “Your stage yesterday was the best. Just hearing that overwhelmed me,” and concluded, “Regardless of how others think, I believe in what I felt. I will not betray myself and will continue to trust myself.”

240414 NME - “LE SSERAFIM live at Coachella 2024: K-pop girl group get raw  and loose” : r/lesserafim

Sakura’s post came in response to the criticism regarding lacking vocal ability and other skills after their group, LESSERAFIM, performed at the ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ on the 14th.

During this stage, LESSERAFIM performed for 40 minutes with a total of 10 songs, but opinions emerged online criticizing shaky pitch and vocal abilities, causing a stir. This performance followed Blackpink’s historic appearance as the first K-pop girl group headliner at ‘Coachella’ last year, and LESSERAFIM garnered attention as representatives of K-pop girl groups.

Particularly, Japanese members Sakura and Kazuha were said to have shown the most uneasy appearances during this performance. They have received criticism for imperfect Korean pronunciation and lacking vocal ability since their debut.

Sakura’s recent statement also sparked discussions about whether it aligns with the sentiments of the Korean public. In the Japanese idol market, communication with fans, friendliness, and producing skills are prioritized over vocal ability, but in Korea, there has been consistent scrutiny toward idols’ live performance skills and lip-sync stages.

People are now interested in whether Sakura, who is facing public criticism, can resolve the skills controversy based on this confidence. LESSERAFIM will return to the ‘Coachella’ stage on the 21st.

Sakura debuted in the Japanese music industry as a member of HKT48 in 2011. Later in 2018, she participated in the Mnet audition program ‘Produce48’ and was selected as a final member, then she actively promoted as a member of IZ*ONE. After IZ*ONE’s activities ended, she signed an exclusive contract with SoS Music under HYBE in 2022 and redebuted with LESSERAFIM.


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