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“My Life Crumbled Miserably” Nam Tae-hyun admits to drug addiction→Faces 500 million won debt

According to KBS on the 14th, Nam Tae-hyun will appear on KBS 1TV’s ‘Investigation 60 Minutes’ that will be aired at 10 p.m. on the same day.

The episode of ‘Investigation 60 Minutes’ to be broadcasted on this day, the 1328th episode, is titled ‘Telegram Drug Rooms Targeting Teens.’ The production team stated, “The number of underage drug offenders is increasing every year. We will delve into the issue of teenage drug problems, which has become a serious social problem, through in-depth coverage this week.”

The production team recently met with Nam Tae-hyun, who caused a drug controversy. It was confirmed that Nam Tae-hyun is currently receiving treatment for drug addiction at Dark Rehabilitation Center in Incheon.

During an interview with the production team of ‘Investigation 60 Minutes,’ Nam Tae-hyun revealed that he encountered diet pills, which are prescription drugs, during his entertainment career, and he took sleeping pills due to insomnia. He started taking medication under the prescription of a psychiatrist, but he confessed that the abuse of medical drugs opened the gateway to drug addiction.

He also confessed to the severe consequences of drug use in his life. Nam Tae-hyun stated that he is struggling with 500 million won in debt and overdue credit card payments, to the extent that he has to give up not only his own house but also his parents’ house. He added that he plans to start working part-time at a restaurant to repay his debts.

The production team revealed, “Even during the interview, Nam Tae-hyun received constant messages urging him to pay off his overdue debts. Drugs brought him, who was once an idol for teenagers, down to the ground in an instant. As his mind and body deteriorated due to drugs, people left him one by one. When he felt that he had no more hope, he desperately knocked on the door of a rehabilitation center. Nam Tae-hyun has a message he wants to convey to teenagers, and after struggling to find the right words, he said, ‘I hope teenagers don’t even have an interest in drugs. It is an action that completely ruins one’s life.'”

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