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Getting in shape: Lim Young-woong’s brave health checkup before dieting journey

Singer Lim Young-woong underwent a health checkup ahead of his diet.

On the 18th, a video titled ‘It Keeps Popping Up?! Unconscious Anesthesia Hero’s Health Checkup | Group Diet EP.01 [Literal Translation]’ was uploaded on Lim Young-woong’s YouTube channel.

In the video, he said, “I gained a lot of weight recently. I’m planning to start my activities soon and prepare for a concert, so I decided to go on a diet.” He added, “I thought, if we’re going to meet every day for exercise with my friends, why not live together, so we decided to do a group diet for about ten days.”

As the first step of the project, Lim Young-woong decided to undergo a health checkup. After emptying his stomach and visiting a health checkup center, he completed all the basic tests and underwent a colonoscopy.

After the anesthesia test, Lim Young-woong woke up, saying, “I thought I was dreaming of taking a dump. I was taking a dump? I realized that I was doing a colonoscopy. I should say I’m done, but I fell asleep again. By the way, I couldn’t walk before falling asleep.”

Then, Lim Young-woong, in front of the camera again, revealed, “Overall, there are no health problems.” He also pledged, “Now, I just need to work hard on my body and body management to stand in front of you in a wonderful shape.”

Lim Young-woong made a comeback on the 9th with his new digital single, ‘Do or Die.’


Author Nat.O
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