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Loossemble returns with teenage energy in “One of a Kind” showcase

Loossemble returns with teenage energy in “One of a Kind” showcase.

Loossemble has returned with a refreshing spoonful of teenage energy. They hope that their new song will become a ‘sing-along’ that everyone can naturally join in.

On the afternoon of the 15th, a showcase was held at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul, to celebrate the release of Loossemble’s second mini-album “One of a Kind”.

The new album “One of a Kind” embodies the message that fate is not a coincidence but a choice. Their agency, CTDE&M, introduced the album by saying, “Starting from Loossemble’s ‘Dawn,’ through ‘Day’ and a special ‘Girls’ Night’ where everyone gathers, we have captured the sincere hearts and emotions of Loossemble members in this album.”

The title track is “Girls’ Night.” The lyricist, Hyeju, said, “When the song was completed, I was so happy to be able to share the story I wanted to convey on stage. Singing it together with the members adds more strength. I hope many people will enjoy this story.”

In addition to the title track, the album includes an intro track “A Butterfly’s Signal,” as well as “Moonlight,” “Boomerang,” “He Said I Said,” “Truman Show,” and “Starlight.”

Yeojin participated in the lyrics for “Moonlight.” “Despite feeling endlessly small and difficult, like the moon that softly rises at dawn, we always shine,” she explained. Additionally, ViVi wrote “He Said I Said,” Gowon wrote ‘Truman Show,” and Hyunjin wrote “Starlight.”

When asked to pick her favorite among the tracks, Hyeju said, “If I had to pick fairly, I like ‘Boomerang,’ which nobody else participated in. It’s a song with a strong resolution concept that is different from the other tracks. I think it will be enjoyable to perform with the members during concerts.”

Since all members participated in the lyrics, the album satisfaction level is high. Gowon said, “I would rate it 9 out of 10 for satisfaction. Members participated in the lyrics, and every detail was carefully crafted with love.”

They also shared the behind-the-scenes story of selecting the title track. “Initially, ‘Girls’ Night’ wasn’t the title track. We debated between ‘Boomerang’ and others but decided on a song that could digest the high-teen concept well,” they explained. Hyeju, who wrote the title track, said with a smile, “It was daunting, but I thought, ‘I hope the members are proud,'”

Loossemble, formed by former LOONA members Hyunjin, Yeojin, ViVi, Gowon, and Hyeju, debuted last September with ‘Loossemble.’

Regarding the comeback with a different atmosphere from their debut song, Hyeju said, “We’ve never shown a refreshing side, so this time, we wanted to show some high-teen energy.” They also received a lot of support from other LOONA members. Gowon added, “I often meet Yves, and Chu, discussing songs and what we want to do, encouraging each other.”

Hyeju explained, “I wanted to show a more mature musical side. Members were more involved in this album, from lyrics to choreography. I wanted to convey a message through the title track, that walking together little by little can bring about significant changes.”

They also shared their expectations. Yeo-jin said, “Our goal is to achieve better results than our previous album,” adding with a smile, “But aside from the goal, if the members can enjoy the activities, it would be even more fulfilling.”

Yeojin expressed her hope that “Girls’ Night” will become a sing-along. When asked when it would be best to listen to the title track, she emphasized, “Dramatically, it would be nice to listen while looking at the night sea, but it would also be good to listen while cleaning the house. I played music while cleaning recently, and it was a great source of energy. Isn’t that like a work song? I hope people will listen to it while working hard.”

Loossemble’s new mini-album “One of a Kind,” filled with new stories, was officially released on all online music platforms on the 15th at 6 PM (KST).


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