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Former NCT’s Lucas to make solo debut “Renegade” amid controversies: Can he overcome the challenges?

Former NCT’s Lucas to make solo debut “Renegade” amid controversies: Can he overcome the challenges?

On April 1st, Lucas, who left NCT due to privacy controversies, will release his first single “Renegade,” marking his debut as a solo artist less than a year after leaving the group due to privacy controversies.

This album will include three English songs, including the title track “Renegade.” SM Entertainment explained that Lucas’ unique musical color and versatile artist qualities can be seen in this album.

The rock-based hip-hop song “Renegade” is a song that expresses the aspiration to walk his own path without hesitation through changes for the better and a strengthened inner self. The powerful guitar riffs and driving beat, which ignite the fire in the heart, highlight the message of pioneering one’s own life.

Currently, attention is drawn to the modest promotional message posted by Lucas on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), saying, “Hello, this is Lucas. I’m practicing hard. I’ll do my best to show you a good side. Please give me a lot of attention.”

Earlier in August 2021, Lucas was engulfed in a privacy controversy when A, who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend, revealed that she had been gaslighted by Lucas. She also claimed that Lucas not only cheated on her but also did not bear the cost of dates during their relationship.

At that time, Lucas apologized, stating, “Upon reflecting on my past activities, I sincerely regret my actions. My past behavior was undoubtedly wrong, and it was irresponsible behavior that betrayed the long-standing support and love from my fans.” He suspended his activities.

Subsequently, in May last year, SM Entertainment officially announced Lucas’ withdrawal from NCT and WayV to pursue individual activities, after careful discussion between him and the agency.

After disappearing, Lucas recently opened an official SNS account and released a documentary called “Freeze,” incorporating his own story, signaling his return.

In the documentary, Lucas directly mentioned the privacy controversy, saying, “I used to be very temperamental. And the world felt too narrow. Like I knew everything. Now, I listen to what others have to say and don’t speak much about myself.” He also reflected, “The reason my personality and thoughts have changed so much now is mostly because of that incident.”

When the documentary was released, there was continued conflict among fandoms through online communities. Some fans showed strong resistance, saying, “Selling emotions,” “The fans have already turned away,” “Is he really sorry for causing damage to the team?” Lucas, who has become the center of exposure for fatal behaviors like cheating and gaslighting, is aiming for a premature comeback.

With aspirations expressed in his new song to “walk his own path,” attention is now focused on whether he can overcome the numerous controversies surrounding him and win back the fans’ hearts.


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