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Matsuzaka Nana: The Lisa Lookalike Who Once Worked Alongside G-Dragon!

Japanese actress Matsuzaka Nana, who recently visited Korea for the release of the film “The Remaining 10 Years of Life” (directed by Fujii Michihito), is garnering attention for her striking resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Netizens are even recalling a past photoshoot where she had a collaboration with G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong).

On the morning of the 5th, a press conference was held for the film “The Remaining 10 Years of Life” at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul. Matsuzaka Nana displayed her cute yet distinctively charming youthful appeal, smiling at the cameras.

Her visuals have caught the attention of some who believe she bears a resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Moreover, it seems that she has a connection to YG Entertainment. In the past, in 2016, she had a photoshoot collaboration with GD, a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. As a well-known Japanese beauty model and actress, she left an impression on Korean fans as well. With this opportunity, the spotlight once again turns to Matsuzaka Nana.

The film “The Remaining 10 Years of Life,” in which Matsuzaka Nana stars, depicts the story of “Matsuri,” who is diagnosed with a terminal illness at the age of twenty and meets “Kazuto,” portraying a beautiful love story that decorates the seasons. The film is currently being well-received by audiences. Matsuzaka Nana and Sakaguchi Kentaro, who are promoting the film in Korea, will meet Korean fans through press conferences and stage greetings.

In 2021, Matsuzaka Nana surprised everyone by announcing her marriage to Suda Masaki. Suda Masaki, born in 1993, and Matsuzaka Nana, born in 1996, are both rising stars representing Japan’s youth. They first collaborated in the film “Destruction Babies” in 2016, and it was revealed that they co-starred in three films, including “Knife Underwater” and “Still: The Beginning of Fate.”

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