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Meenoi surprised everyone with a sudden confession

Meenoi surprised everyone with a sudden confession.

Meenoi, during a live broadcast on the 5th, said while shedding tears, “I have something I want to say as if it’s my own stage. I stayed up for two nights and didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. I’ll really work hard. I want to be confident. I think I can be loved by standing in front of you like a celebrity, so sometimes I wore clothes that didn’t suit me and stood on stage. If my every moment is captured by the camera, it’s a story about how I should approach it with what mindset, and how my actions can be dangerous to some and inexplicable to others. Now I know what I have to do.”

After the live broadcast ended, she posted a lengthy post on his personal account saying, “I am fighting with myself.”

She wrote, “Everyone lives within the framework set by the law, unlike the standards of my life. When looking at me with that in mind, it’s a state of not being humble and not acting as I should have, or committing sins that could be considered as such. Please watch over me as I take responsibility and live my life.”

Meenoi said, “When March comes, you’ll know why I’m saying this,” but fans expressed concern about Meenoi’s somewhat incoherent appearance and intentions. Some fans, in particular, worried that she might have used drugs.

In response, Meenoi said, “The standard of having committed a sin is why I wrote those words. I think I’ve left a lot of words that could cause too much worry and misunderstanding,” and “Thank you for looking at me and talking to me up to the point of asking if I did drugs. Anyway, please be careful with such words. Those words can become opinions and prejudices against someone.”

Meenoi has currently deleted all problematic posts. In relation to this, her agency AOMG has cut off contact with the outside world.


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