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MBN’s new weekend mini-series “Missing Crown Prince” aired its first episode today

MBN’s new weekend mini-series “Missing Crown Prince” aired its first episode today, and key points of interest have been revealed.

“Missing Crown Prince” is a Joseon-era romantic comedy drama that unfolds as a crown prince experiences various romantic encounters while hiding his true identity.

**Key Points to Watch in the First Episode:**

1. **Screenplay by Writers Park Cheol & Kim Ji-soo**

The drama boasts top-notch immersion with the exceptional writing skills of Park Cheol and Kim Ji-soo, who previously showcased their perfect synergy in “Bossam: Steal the Fate”.

They deliver heart-fluttering romance and heart-pounding events right from the first episode, utilizing the concept of ‘bossam’ to present unpredictable and highly engaging episodes that will capture the hearts of viewers. Expect a historical drama tailored to the tastes of the masses.

2. **Direction by Director Kim Jin-man**

Known for his impactful visuals in dramas like “Kill Me, Heal Me” and ‘Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People’, Director Kim Jin-man brings his cinematic expertise to “Missing Crown Prince”.

With refined skills in historical drama direction honed from his previous works, Kim creates a deep emotional connection with the actors, crafting scenes with meticulous attention to detail that intensifies dramatic elements while maintaining a solid storyline. Anticipate visually stunning scenes that perfectly complement the atmosphere of each moment.

3. **Strong Presence of Cast Members Suho, Hong Eui-ji, Myung Se-bin, Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Min-kyu, and More**

The stellar acting skills of Suho, Hong Eui-ji, Myung Se-bin, Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Min-kyu, and other cast members are another highlight.

Suho transforms into Prince Lee Geon, facing fierce conspiracies due to a bossam marriage, embarking on a new challenge as the leading male character in a historical drama.

Hong Eui-ji, continuing her success from previous works, portrays the poised and lively Crown Princess Choi Myeong-yoon.

Myung Se-bin dives into the role of Min Soo-ryeon, who harbors desperate love within her noble facade.

Kim Joo-hyuk showcases a wide acting spectrum as the highly respected royal physician Choi Sang-rok, exuding both gentleness and charisma.

Kim Min-kyu challenges himself with the role of the handsome warrior Do Seong-dae, showcasing a rugged charm.

Together with seasoned actors like Yoo Se-rye, Jeon Jin-oh, Cha Kwang-soo, and Kim Sul-jin, the drama promises vibrant fun and emotions in this Joseon-era romantic comedy.

Studio Jidam, the production company, expressed anticipation for the premiere, stating, “All actors and staff members are eagerly awaiting the first broadcast with excitement. “Missing Crown Prince” is a unique historical drama that combines romance, excitement, and laughter. Please join us in watching the premiere episode together.”

“Missing Crown Prince” premiered today at 9:40 PM (KST).


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