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Enthralling Winter Wanderers: ASTRO’s MJ and JinJin joins the musical ‘Winter Wanderer'”

ASTRO‘s MJ and Jinjin are joining the cast of the musical “Winter Wanderer.”

In the musical “Winter Wanderer,” which opens on December 15th, MJ and Jinjin will play the roles of Han Min-woo and Park Hyun-tae, respectively.

Based on the novel by the late author Choi In-ho, “Winter Wanderer” has been adapted into a musical. After its successful run in 1997 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Arts Center, the musical is making a comeback 18 years later in 2025.

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“Winter Wanderer” tells a story about beautiful love and the purity of lost youth that everyone has dreamed of at least once. Crossing generations, the musical is expected to move the hearts of the audience with its resonance and emotion.

In the musical, MJ takes on the role of Han Min-woo, a pure medical student entangled in unexpected events involving his father’s death and the secret of his birth.

After completing his military service, MJ, who meets the public through a musical for the first time, is expected to captivate the audience with his further developed vocal abilities and refreshing singing prowess.

Jinjin, who divides the role of Park Hyun-tae, torn between caring for Min-woo like a younger brother and conflicting emotions for Dae-hye, returns to the musical stage after about four months since his first musical “Dream High.” Having perfectly embodied the role he took in his first musical “Dream High” with his unique color, Jinjin’s performance in this musical is highly anticipated.

MJ and Jinjin, who have showcased various aspects and charms through group activities, are garnering attention for their new appearances as musical actors in “Winter Wanderer.”

“Winter Wanderer,” featuring MJ and Jinjin, will be performed at the Hanjeon Art Center from December 15th to February 25th, 2024.

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