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MONSTA X’s Shownu and Hyungwon, known for their cheerful and candid personalities, warmed fans’ hearts with a surprise fan support event

On August 2nd, Shownu and Hyungwon of MONSTA X, who formed their first unit and released the mini-album ‘THE UNSEEN,’ appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Lee Eun-ji’s K-Pop Square’ (hereinafter ‘K-Pop Square’).

When asked about their condition, Hyungwon replied, “After the first week of comeback activities, I got a little more sleep than usual, so I’m feeling good.” Lee Eun-ji praised Hyungwon’s visual, saying, “You look completely bare-faced, and your skin is so good. You look like an actor. You even wore a white shirt today, like you’re attending a press conference.” To this, Hyungwon jokingly responded, “I brought the white shirt to create a reflective mirror effect.”

Shownu also shared that he had more time this week than he expected after finishing the first week of promotions, and his condition was better than he worried.

Lee Eun-ji asked the two about their 9th year debut anniversary and whether they feel pressure to maintain a certain image. Shownu mentioned that he tries to keep a certain image and is conscious of not looking dull on variety shows. On the other hand, Hyungwon revealed that fans are very understanding, even if he is not feeling well, and mentioned how fans liked him even when he was a bit chubby like a paper doll.

Shownu also joined in on the fun by saying a famous catchphrase, “Honey, I’m home,” which drew attention. Then Hyungwon mentioned that Shownu has a secret notebook filled with various catchphrases, but Shownu clarified that it was just a joke and that he doesn’t actually write those things down.

Lastly, Hyungwon shared a tip for his visuals. When asked about what he thinks when looking at the mirror, he mentioned that he has some obsessions about his cheeks. He focuses more on whether they are puffy or not, rather than whether he looks handsome or not. He then revealed that not eating at night is important to avoid puffiness, and that helps him maintain his visuals.

During the recording of ‘K-Pop Square’ on a hot day, Shownu and Hyungwon surprised fans by personally handing out drinks to keep them hydrated. In response to Lee Eun-ji’s praise for their thoughtful gesture, the two members said, “It’s another hot day today, and it doesn’t seem easy. We don’t want anyone to get dehydrated from the heatwave.”

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