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To celebrate Moonbin’s birthday, his fellow celebrities remembered him in various ways

To celebrate Moonbin’s birthday, his fellow celebrities remembered him in various ways.

On the 26th, ASTRO‘s official account continued to congratulate members on Moonbin’s birthday. MJ released a photo of himself with Moonbin along with the text, “Bin, happy birthday. I love you and miss you my younger brother. Author MJ.”

JinJin also posted a photo with Moonbin and said, “Bin, happy birthday! How are you? Today is a day I want to see you more.”

He said, “I’m living very hard these days! I’ll be watching you. I live thinking that I will eat well and rest well, right? Today I made sure to eat the seaweed soup. I thought we didn’t have many pictures, so I should have taken a lot of pictures. We should have a happier day than anyone else. I love you, my little brother.”

ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo reflected on his friendship with Moonbin through his official YouTube account. He uploaded a cover video of “Love Is Gone” featuring his piano performance.

Cha Eun-woo posted a long message saying, “Bin, how are you? What are you doing? I want to wish you a happy birthday like always. I’m sure you’re watching somewhere, right? Happy birthday, friend.”

He said, “I work harder every time I think of you, and whenever I miss you, even though it’s hard, I prepare with all my heart and prepare for the drama and album. Please watch it when it comes out.”

He said, “This song is a song that comforted me while listening to it when I thought of you. I heard it by chance and I thought it was just you. It came out. I was really going down a a certain song and you talk my story our stories same you know? Listen well. I miss always see thank you and I love my friend Bin and miss you I did it.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, who had formed a friendship with Moonbin through ’98 Line’, VIVIZ’s SinBi and Umji, and UNI.T’s Suji prepared a cake. Through their respective accounts, they posted a picture of a cake with a picture of them together, and Umji added the phrase, “I’m 27 now. Let’s grow old together. Happy birthday, Bin. I miss you a lot.”

Seungkwan had previously posted a video of his memories with Moonbin on his birthday.

SEVENTEEN and Woozi kept their promise to Moonbin by releasing a new song on the 26th. Previously, at the time when Moonbin’s sad news was announced, he left a comment through Moonbin’s account saying, “When will you release it? ‘What Kind of Future’ you said you wanted to hear in digital form. I will take responsibility in some way and bring it to you on your birthday, even if it means fighting with the company.”

In the introduction of the new song released on this day, Woozi added his affection for him with the phrase, “I will never forget your smile filled with love, not in any future.”

Meanwhile, Moonbin debuted with ASTRO in 2016. Not only did he leave behind hit songs such as “All Night”, “Candy Sugar Pop”, and “Baby”, he also worked as a duo with Sanha. He was loved by the public by showing off his cheerful side through the tvN SHOW entertainment show “The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trend”. On April 19th last year, he suddenly passed away, leaving many people sad.


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