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Most of the existing “SNL Korea” crew are expected to participate in the reboot of season 5

While Joo Hyun-young, who rose to stardom through “SNL Korea” reboot seasons 1 to 4, has decided not to appear in season 5, most of the existing “SNL Korea” crew, are expected to participate in the reboot of season 5.

On the 30th, an industry insider said that most of the “SNL Korea” crew, except Joo Hyun-young, will continue to participate in Season 5, and that “Coupang Play plans to make an official announcement soon.”

Previously, on the 29th, Joo Hyun-young announced through her agency AIMC that she would step down from “SNL Korea” at the end of season 4 in order to focus on her main job, acting. This decision was made in response to the news that “SNL Korea” season 5 will be launched in February and Im Si-wan will appear as the first host.

SNL Korea Confirms Production for Season 5

Joo Hyun-young, who joined the reboot season 1 in 2021, served as a regular crew member until season 4, which ended in July of last year. She attracted attention as the character of “Reporter Joo”, a newcomer to society, in the signboard corner “Weekend Update”.

In a letter to the “SNL Korea” production team, Joo Hyun-young said, “I still do not have enough experience and skills to flexibly adapt and change between various projects, so I will need more focus and time than what I have done so far.

“It felt the same,” she said, explaining the reason for her decision to leave.

However, Joo Hyun-young’s departure was revealed amidst the recently aggravated conflict between “SNL Korea” pre-reboot production company Ace Story and Coupang, so attention was focused on whether the existing crew would participate in “SNL Korea” season 5.

Recently, Ace Story filed a lawsuit for damages, claiming that PD Ahn Sang-hwi (currently CP Entertainment’s production chief), who was the head of the company’s production division 2, and Coupang’s subsidiary CP Entertainment joined hands to steal the production team of “SNL Korea”.

In response to this, Coupang Play fiercely opposed this, saying, “The change of jobs between Ahn Sang-hwi and the production team was normal due to the end of the contract period, and there was no unfair act in the process.”

As Season 5 is produced by CP Entertainment, the conflict between Coupang and Ace Story is expected to continue for the time being. Since Joo Hyun-young’s agency, AIMC, is a subsidiary of Ace Story, her departure from Season 5 seems inevitable.


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