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Musical ‘Frida’ continues as scheduled amidst actress Kim Hieora’s denial of bullying allegations

According to both ‘Frida’ production team and Kim Hieora’s agency, Gram Yang, Kim Hieora will proceed with her scheduled ‘Frida’ performances on the 9th and 10th.

Kim Hieora asserts, ‘I acknowledge the wandering period in my life, but I have never been involved in school violence or bullying.’ She intends to perform in the musical as scheduled, and the ‘Frida’ team also respects her determination.

On the morning of the 6th, the ‘Frida’ team announced interviews with Kim Hieora to various media outlets. However, these interviews were canceled due to the allegations of school violence against Kim Hieora.

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora had been scheduled to record ‘SNL4’ for Coupang Play on the 6th, but it was officially canceled as this news broke. ‘SNL4’ decided to leave the slot empty instead of seeking a replacement host and will continue with the next broadcast.

On the 6th, Kim Hieora denied the allegations of school violence reported by Dispatch and stated, ‘I will actively provide detailed evidence to refute the allegations that are speculative and not factual.’ She also emphasized, ‘I will stop the reckless spread and reproduction of baseless speculations and false information.’

Furthermore, she made it clear that she would take strong legal action against malicious acts that damage the honor of her agency’s actors.

Subsequently, on the 7th, Dispatch published a handwritten letter from Kim Hieora, claiming that its contents closely align with their previous reports.


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