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In “My Demon”, Song Kang was resurrected and married Yoo-jeong, ending with a happy ending

In “My Demon”, Song Kang was resurrected and married Yoo-jeong, ending with a happy ending.

The final episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon”, which aired on the 20th, was drawn.

On this day, Noh Seok-min (played by Kim Tae-hoon) sneaked into her Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) car and took Do Do-hee as her hostage. She threatened Do Do Hee by stabbing him in the lower part with her knife. Noh Seok-min knew that when Do Do-hee was in danger, her salvation (played by Song Kang) would appear.

Finally, just as she was about to stab Dodohee with a sword, her salvation appeared. When her salvation went out of control, threatening to kill Noh Seok-min, Do Do-hee hugged her and held her back, but Do Do-hee fell to the ground after being shot by Noh Seok-min. In despair, Gu-won chooses to sacrifice herself by kissing Do-do-hee, as if breathing her breath into her, and her Do-do-hee opens her eyes. However, she was shocked to learn that Do Do Hee sacrificed herself to save her life, and she sobbed.

Do Hee was shocked to see Gu Gu leave. Joo Seok-hoon (played by Lee Sang-i) and her sister Shin Myeong-seo (played by Seo Jeong-yeon) went to visit Do Do-hee. “The world is so unbearable,” Do Do-hee said. “There is no salvation anywhere. I felt that there was something hovering by my side even though I couldn’t see it, but now I feel like it’s really nowhere,” she said, shedding tears.

The next day, Dodohee spent her Christmas alone. She said, “I thought I would spend time with you, but you are not here. After you died, I feel like something inside me died too,” she cried. “Let’s make a contract with me. My wish is for you to come back,” she shouted into the air. An old lady (played by Cha Jeong-hwa), who saw all of this, heard Do Do-hee’s wish, and she brought Gu-won back to life in front of Do Do-hee.

Do Hee said, “Am I dead? When asked again, “Is this a dream?”, Guwon said, “It’s not a dream, and I’m not dead.” He was happy to see them again, saying, “Merry Christmas Do Do-hee, I’m back.” Guwon confessed her love to Do Do Hee, saying, “Christmas always makes me excited. I also get excited when I see you. You are my Christmas.”

Do Hee looked at Gu Gu, saying, “You saved me, both in my past life and this life,” and Gu Gu said, “You saved me too, you saved me from eternal destruction,” and kissed with love. In that way, the two became a couple and looked like a real couple. A happy ending was drawn, and Noh Seok-min was sentenced to death and spent the rest of his life in prison.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon” is a fantasy romantic comedy drama that follows the contract marriage between Do Do-hee, a ‘devilish’ chaebol heiress, and Guwon-ho, a ‘devil’ who lost his powers for a moment.


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