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Nam Gyu-ri returns with a new single “You’re Right to Confess” filled with spring sentiments.

Nam Gyu-ri returns with a new single “You’re Right to Confess” filled with spring sentiments.

Nam Gyu-ri has confirmed the release of her new single, “You’re Right to Confess,” on the 8th at 6 p.m. (KST)

“You’re Right to Confess” is a song that highlights the excitement before starting a love, with pretty lyrics. Nam Gyu-ri, with her characteristic lyrical sensibility and clear voice, anticipates the birth of a new confession song suitable for spring.

In February, Nam Gyu-ri released the title track “HALO” from her single album “Miracle:奇跡,” making headlines with news of a new release after 13 years. Having shown a strong presence as a solo artist in her previous work, Nam Gyu-ri seeks to find listeners once again through this new release, where her unique color and charm can be felt.

Following “HALO,” “You’re Right to Confess” was produced by the cultural finance company Music Cow. Music Cow has previously been involved in producing tracks for projects such as the “Two Tracks” project by the label ChomSoWooJoo and producer Jo Kyu-man’s “Refresh21” project. They have also been actively involved in supporting the domestic jazz venue “All That Jazz,” which had closed due to COVID-19, in its revival efforts.

Nam Gyu-ri debuted in 2006 as part of SeeYa and gained popular love as one of the leading female groups in the country with hit songs such as “Scent of a Woman,” “Shoes,” “Greeting of Love,” and “Crazy Love Song.”

As Nam Gyu-ri has consistently provided comfort to listeners with empathetic songs, expectations are high for her delicate sensibility and skilled vocals showcased in “Is It Right to Confess.”

Nam Gyu-ri’s new single, “Is It Right to Confess,” will be released on various online music sites on the 8th at 6 p.m. (KST)


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