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Nam Taehyun’s candid reflection: From stardom to self-rediscovery

Singer Nam Tae-hyun, who was prosecuted without detention on charges of taking phenobarbital, expressed his feelings through YouTube.

On the 1st, a video titled ‘I am Nam Tae-hyun’s First Story’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘CHANNEL NAMTAEHYUN.’

Nam Tae-hyun, through narration, said, “I was really foolish. I was intoxicated by the fleeting fame, thinking that the world belonged to me. Everywhere I went, I was welcomed, and people around me embraced me. I always spent time like the protagonist. I thought it would last forever.”

He looked back on the past and said, “I endured my trainee days, and as a result, I bore the fruit of my efforts. Time passed too quickly, and I was too busy eating.” He continued, “Weeds grew around me, and wild animals dug burrows, leaving scars. As a result, the trees were bent.”

He also said, “I didn’t know the world was so scary, and I was full of youthful arrogance or something. Because I flew so high, the fall was terrifyingly fast. When I fell to the ground, my body shattered into pieces. In front of my eyes, the world was high, and it was busy flowing. To be honest, it’s just bewildering. Where is this? Is it hell?”

Nam Tae-hyun showed an attempt to regain himself, saying, “I am a singer. I like music.” He said, “I want to start doing what I want to do one by one.” However, he added, “Honestly, I don’t have confidence. I don’t have greed. I will do what I can.”

He revealed his mindset, saying, “In the future, even if I walk, run, and fall, I will stand up again.”


Author Nat.O
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