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“Nana Tour” is hardly able to exert its strength

“Nana Tour” is hardly able to exert its strength.

PD Na Young-seok’s new program, tvN’s “Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN“, is a project in collaboration with SEVENTEEN, and is attracting attention as a unique attempt to play idol entertainment in prime time. SEVENTEEN is going to Italy through the “Nana Tour” and showing off the charm between the members.

However, since its first broadcast, “Nana Tour” seems to have received little attention. After starting with a viewer rating of 2%, it continued to decline, recording a viewership rating of 1.9%. Although the charms of the members are being revealed through the broadcast, it seems that the problem related to ‘popularity’, which had raised concerns even before the broadcast, has not been resolved (Nielsen Korea, nationwide standard for paid households).

“Nana Tour” contains travel stories with SEVENTEEN members throughout the broadcast. The difference is that the game that PD Na Young-seok created in “Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip” etc. can be performed in Italy and the chemistry between the members can be appreciated.

It is not much different from the entertainment programs that have been released so far, but the only difference is that SEVENTEEN members perform it. However, as it started with concerns that it would be seen as an idol group entertainment program, it appears that this limitation was not properly overcome.

Producer Na Young-seok said at the production presentation, “Idol entertainment shows have a high barrier to entry for the public.”

And added, “I wanted to create a program about idols who are achieving results around the world since the K-pop and idol markets became global. If we were to start, we thought it would have to be SEVENTEEN. We have no intention of creating a program that only fans can watch. The barrier to entry is not that big. Young people will think they are having a fun journey,” he said confidently.

Since “Nana Tour” was broadcast on tvN, the 2-hour full version video can be viewed through Weverse, so the content for fans has expanded further.


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