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Oh My Girl’s Mimi becomes a folk village ghost?

In an upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Summoning Service” scheduled to air on the 21st, YouTuber Ralral faces extreme fear and decides to give up on the shoot.

As the season for outdoor trips approaches, “Summoning Service” is preparing a special theme park episode. YouTuber Ralral, and the icon of the MZ generation, actress Kim Ah-young, also known as “Clear-eyed Kwang,” will participate as special summons.

First, Ralral joins Oh My Girl‘s Mimi in challenging the role of a ghost at a Korean folk village. They receive a request to play the role of a ghost in the so-called “Haunted House: Blood-Eyed Ghost.” These two, known for their high tension, start by experiencing the haunted house to prepare for their summoning duties.

As soon as Ralral and Mimi enter the entrance, they scream and act startled, inducing laughter. However, Ralral gives up the experience in tears due to extreme fear. The staff of “Summoning Service” expressed concerns about whether they would be able to carry out the summoning duties.

Nevertheless, Ralral boldly challenges the ghost summoning task and leaves a strong impression, saying, “If I do it to this extent, I might get possessed.” In addition, mysterious folk village ghost stories are revealed, giving viewers a spine-tingling experience.

Kim Ah-young, known as “Clear-eyed Kwang,” transforms into a cast member of an amusement park with Go Kyu-pil. While Kim Ah-young perfectly fulfills her duties with impeccable diction and overflowing enthusiasm, Go Kyu-pil’s hard work, reminiscent of “just before a mess,” brings laughter.


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