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Oh Young-soo has been sentenced to a suspended prison term in the first trial

Oh Young-soo, who was indicted on charges of sexually assaulting a woman, has been sentenced to a suspended prison term in the first trial.

On the 15th, Judge Jung Yeon-joo of the 6th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court’s Seongnam Branch sentenced Oh Young-soo to eight months in prison with a two-year probation and ordered him to complete 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program.

The court stated, “The contents of the victim’s diary, the counseling records from the counseling agency after the incident, and the victim’s consistent statements appear to match the details of the case. The victim’s claims seem consistent and credible.”

Previously, Oh Young-soo was accused of sexually assaulting victim A twice in front of her residence in Daegu while staying there for a theater performance in 2017. A sued Oh Young-soo in 2021, but the police decided not to prosecute him at the time. However, following A’s appeal, the prosecution re-investigated the case and brought it to trial.

During the trial held last month, the prosecution demanded a one-year prison sentence for Oh Young-soo and requested the court to impose a ban on employment and disclose his personal information. At the final statement, Oh Young-soo expressed, “It’s too difficult and painful to stand in court at this age. It’s disheartening to see my life end up in this situation, and it feels like my entire life is falling apart. I hope for a wise judgment.”

Meanwhile, Oh Young-soo gained attention for his role as “Squid Game’s Grandfather” in the Netflix drama “Squid Game.” He became the first Korean actor to receive the Best Supporting Actor award at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2022.


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