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P.O shares heartwarming episode with Kang Ho-dong on “Knowing Bros”: Recalls touching text during military service

P.O shares episode with Kang Ho-dong on “Knowing Bros”, recalling the touching text received during military service

On the upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” scheduled for the 11th, the main cast of the well-made horseplay thriller film “New Normal,” including lead actress Choi Ji-woo, singer-actor P.O, and rookie Ha Da-in, will be appearing.

Block B's P.O Parts Ways With His Agency | Soompi

With the anticipated presence of familiar faces and new talents, they are expected to bring fresh joy with their unpretentious entertainment skills and delightful wit.

P.O, who completed his Marine Corps service in September, will reveal a story about how he gained strength from a message sent by Kang Ho-dong during his military service.

When asked if he received any contact from Lee Soo-geun, P.O candidly reveals, “There was no contact at all during my service, but I received a message after discharge.”

As the reason why Lee Soo-geun contacted P.O is unveiled, the atmosphere on set turns into a sea of laughter.

Moreover, P.O shares an amusing incident during his military service, where he went out with friends during leave and encountered a celebrity who paid for his drinks. When the identity of the celebrity is revealed, everyone bursts into laughter. P.O is also set to share unforgettable episodes from his military service, showcasing his enduring sense of entertainment.

“Knowing Bros” will be broadcast on the 11th at 8:50 PM KST.

Knowing Bros | BLACK PINK Wiki | Fandom


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