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“Paid off 1.7 Billion Debt for Parents”; Idols who settled their parents’ debt: Sohee, Kim Junsu, Kim Wooseok 

There are filial sons who paid off their parents’ debts. In reality, paying off a large debt is a difficult task, but those who have succeeded in the entertainment industry have proudly revealed that they used their hard-earned money to settle their parents’ debts and are receiving applause.

On the recent episode of JTBC’s ‘Salty Dangpo [Literal Name]’ aired on the 15th, Sohee confessed that she paid off her mother’s debt. When Hong Jin-kyung asked if she had achieved financial independence from her father, Kim Gu-ra, Sohee replied, “I’m almost independent. I don’t receive allowance, but my father helps me a little to support my mother, and he also helps with some expenses for my stepmother’s family out of loyalty.”

She continued, “I want to do everything, but if I do, I won’t have any money left for myself. The truth is, I didn’t save much after paying off my mother’s debt. I paid off the debt together with my father.” Yoon Jong-shin added, “Sohee takes care of her mother.”

Already, Kim Gu-ra had garnered attention for participating in a challenge on his YouTube channel ‘Gura Cheol’ in 2015 after divorcing his wife of 18 years. In particular, he became a hot topic for repaying his ex-wife’s debt of 1.7 billion KRW (approximately 1.4 million USD). He even mentioned during a conversation with a Buddhist monk on his channel that “she took a lot of my money. It’s been seven years since the divorce, but automatic transfers to her account are still ongoing.”

It turns out that the 1.7 billion KRW debt that Kim Gu-ra thought he had paid off was also being repaid by his son, Sohee, which was surprising.

Singer Kim Junsu also used his earnings from the entertainment industry to pay off his parents’ debt. Last year, he appeared on Channel A’s ‘Grooming Lesson’ and revealed, “My household environment wasn’t good. I lived in a poor basement. Afterward, we moved to a good villa, but my mother vomited blood in the toilet, which was shocking for me.” He recalled his past, saying, “My parents who had a hard time raised me amidst continuous hospitalizations.”

After receiving his first settlement following his debut, Kim Junsu said, “I settled all the debts that had accumulated for 19 years,” and helped alleviate the burden on his family. He added, “After repaying the debts, I had no money left for myself. My mother thanked me while crying, but I told her I’m actually grateful for raising me,” touching everyone.

Singer Kim Woo-seok also confessed that he paid off his parents’ debt with his first settlement after five years since his debut. Kim Woo-suk revealed, “I didn’t receive a settlement as UP10TION at all,” and shared the heartwarming story of how he used his first settlement from his X1 activities to pay off the debts of his parents, who had financially struggled during his trainee days when he had no income.

Kim Woo-seok said, “I received my first settlement after five years since my debut. I used part of the settlement to pay off my parents’ debt. It was about 100 million KRW (approximately 83,000 USD), and I paid it all off,” revealing a heartwarming and proud moment.

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