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Park Eun-bin commented on her sincere feelings about winning the Baeksang Arts Awards

Actress Park Eun-bin commented on her feelings about winning the Baeksang Arts Awards.

On the morning of the 4th, Park Eun-bin was interviewed for the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama “Castaway Diva” at the Namoo Actors building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This work received great attention as the work that Park Eun-bin chose after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Park Eun-bin won the grand prize in the TV category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards through this work.

Castaway Diva - AsianWiki

At the time, Park Eun-bin’s acceptance speech attracted a lot of attention. She resonated with the public with her sincere feelings. However, popular culture critic Kim Gap-su appeared on a YouTube channel and criticized Park Eun-bin’s acceptance speech. Afterwards, Kim Gap-soo attempted to provide an explanation through numerous media outlets, but the public’s response was cold.

Park Eun-bin, "Decision to Leave" win top honors at Baeksang Arts Awards -  The Korea Times

Park Eun-bin shared her honest thoughts on this matter. She said, “It’s just a personal opinion.”

She thought that there were many different things in the world. When life feels unkind, I tend to think about what kind of person I want to be. “Rather than necessarily wanting to be a good person, I live thinking, ‘How can I live in this world and what can I leave behind?’”

She continued, “I think that judging certain values is ultimately something that one must take responsibility for. Isn’t it a life that someone else lives for you? Even if I go through trial and error, I think I have to handle it. I live by self-censoring what is right and wrong in my thoughts and actions. “I don’t dwell on things that deviate from my values.”

Park Eun-bin is considered one of the leading upright living actors in the entertainment industry. When asked about her secret, she replied, “I live with the mindset of taking care of myself.”

She continued with a smile, “These days, juniors are asking me for advice. In fact, I don’t think you should ask for advice first unless you ask for it first. I have a simple dream: to live my life without causing inconvenience to others. If I do my part well and live my life, wouldn’t there be fewer inconveniences? On set, I’m just a senior with a good smile.”

The tvN drama “Castaway Diva” is a drama about the diva challenge of Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin), an aspiring singer who was rescued from a desert island after 15 years, and ended on the 3rd.

Transformasi Gaya Park Eun Bin yang Baru Menang Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 -  Lifestyle


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