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Park Jung-min and Jisoo to star in upcoming zombie film ‘Influenza’; new work by ‘Parasite’ writer

According to broadcasters, Park Jung-min and Jisoo have been cast as the lead roles in the new Coupang Play series ‘Influenza’ (written by Han Ji-won and Ji Ho-jin, directed by Yoon Sung-hyun).

‘Influenza’ depicts the story of soldier Jae-yoon and his girlfriend Young-joo, who has just broken up with him, fighting against a zombie horde in the backdrop of Seoul’s high-rise building civil defense unit. It’s a drama based on the eponymous novel by author Han Sang-woon.

Combining the unexpected comedy of ‘Parasite’ screenwriter Han Jin-won in a heavy and dark situation, the skillful direction of Yoon Sung-hyun, who portrayed the stories of anxious young men in ‘The Guard’ and ‘Time to Hunt,’ and Ji Ho-jin’s lively action, the birth of a new K-zombie genre is highly anticipated.

Park Jung-min will play the role of Jae-yoon, who enlisted at the age of twenty-six after aiming for a substitute service through employment in the defense industry. Amid uncertainties about the future, he becomes obsessed with his girlfriend, eventually facing a breakup and the world overturned by the zombie outbreak. Initially weak and lacking confidence, he gradually becomes a leader in the fight against zombies.

Jisoo will portray Young-joo, a young adult and rubber shoe designer, who struggles due to Jae-yoon’s lack of attention to her feelings, leading to their breakup. She sets out to meet her boyfriend and witnesses the outbreak of zombies, eventually transforming into a stronger individual through the fight for survival.


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