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Cosmopolitan: Park Min-young and Na In-woo participated in the February issue photoshoot

Park Min-young and Na In-woo participated in the recent Cosmopolitan February issue photoshoot.

Park Min-young participated in the recent Cosmopolitan February issue photo shoot. This pictorial was conducted with the concept of a couple with Na In-woo. It is said that the two actors who took the photoshoot professionally, just like their chemistry in “Marry My Husband”, received praise from the staff on set for their relaxed expressions and attitudes.

“Marry My Husband”, which is based on the web novel of the same name, is a time slip drama in which a woman who witnesses her husband’s infidelity and dies changes her destiny. As each episode passes, viewership ratings increase and the show is gaining popularity.

In an interview after the photo shoot, the two actors first talked about the friendly scene and the staff’s reaction, as was the popularity of the drama.

Park Min-young said, “We actors have a group chat room. There, we exchange opinions and have fun monitoring. We complimented each other on how well this scene was done and how pretty it was. (Laughs)”

Na In-woo also said, “When Park Min-hwan appears in the play, (Lee) Yi-kyung apologizes and says, “I’m sorry.” (Laughs) I had fun filming it, and I’m glad that the response was good.”

The two actors then talked about their chemistry being as strong as their chemistry in the drama.

Park Min-young said, “The more I look at In-woo, the more cool things I see about him. It was my first time seeing a friend in this kind of mood. I thought, ‘What are those deep eyes? Where does that energy come from?”

She did not hold back in his praise, saying, “He is a friend who has the tolerance to hug everyone, has a considerate heart, and sometimes even organizes things on set as the male lead.”

Na In-woo said, “Min-young is her own strength. Because what I feel is so big, but words are limited. She has a strong sense of responsibility and has a great sense of leadership, a ‘captain’ style. On the contrary, there are times when they are very charming and cute. You have a clear sense of perspective when you listen carefully to what others say and express your thoughts. That’s something I really want to learn.”

Points to watch that can make the drama more enjoyable were also introduced.

Na In-woo said, “This drama has many stories that are unraveled through flashbacks that show things that happened in the past. Thanks to the flashback, I think you will be able to sympathize and become more immersed in the drama. “Please love me until the last episode. (Laughs)”

Park Min-young said, “That was the message I wanted to convey through this drama. Just because you make a mistake once doesn’t mean it’s over. I wish I could save and love myself more.”

“I learned a lot from this drama,” she said, expressing her affection for the work.


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