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Park Seo-joon cheered on BTS V, who enlisted the day before

Park Seo-joon cheered on BTS V, who enlisted the day before.

On the 12th, YouTube channel “Channel Full Moon” conducted a live broadcast with actor Park Seo-joon under the title “Our family member Seo-jun appears”.

Park Seo-joon boasts a close relationship with V through a group called “Wooga Squad”. When the story of V’s enlistment came up, Na Young-seok commented on the comments, saying, “I think there are a lot of fans who miss Taehyung and are watching the broadcast.”

Park Seo-joon said, “I saw his face and spoke on the phone with him before enlisting. He said he would come back with a strong spirit. His voice was very bright. I thought he would adapt well. Taehyung is very friendly. I think he will adapt right away as soon as he goes.”

Na Young-seok commented on his second day at the training center, “On the second day in Nonsan, I’m starting to wonder why I’m here. At 7 o’clock, I’ll eat dinner and get ready, and I’ll have received my clothes by today. I haven’t had time to go through full-scale training yet. Because it’s not, I’ll be fine.”

When Park Seo-joon was told that he was glad he had left the military early, he said, “I left early because I didn’t have anything,” and drew attention by saying, “I was a student on leave of absence. It was before I even debuted.”

Park Seo-joon made people laugh by saying, “Taehyung’s poncho raincoat could be mine.”

Previously, V was captured wearing a rain poncho and moving to the training camp. Park Seo-joon then said, “I also went to Nonsan,” and Na Young-seok added, “I’ve been using it for at least 20 years. I don’t know what it’s like these days.”

Park Seo-joon joked, “Because it’s a summer military uniform, it rains a lot. When I wore it, I thought, ‘This must be 20 years old,’ but he was wearing the same thing. It’s a reasonable doubt.”

Meanwhile, Na Young-seok mentioned the friendship between the two, saying, “Taehyung also told me a while ago that he learned a lot from Seojun when he was on ‘Hwarang’. Taehyung always asked me to teach him how to act.”

Park Seo-joon said, “(V) did a lot of pretty things,” and when Na Young-seok said, “Wooshik didn’t carry you, but you carried Taehyung?”, he added, “How can you become a world star..”, causing further laughter. .


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