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Park Seo-joon spent a tumultuous weekend during the ‘Concrete Utopia’ stage greeting, facing allegations of sexual harassment and getting embroiled in controversy for rejecting a fan’s headband gift

On the 5th, the stage greeting for the movie ‘Concrete Utopia’ took place. On this day, actors Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, Park Bo-young, Kim Do-yoon, and director Um Tae-hwa attended the event and expressed their gratitude to the audience who came to the theater. However, an incident occurred during the event. As the director and cast were giving out gifts to the audience as part of an event, an audience member who did not win the gift jumped onto the stage and hugged Park Seo-joon.

Taken aback by the sudden action, Park Seo-joon managed to separate from the fan with a stern expression, and security personnel rushed to the scene and escorted the woman off the stage. A video capturing the scene was shared online, fueling concerns among netizens.

During the stage greetings held over the weekend, there was also an awkward moment when Park Seo-joon did not wear a headband gifted by a fan. One fan had prepared Nick and Judy couple headbands, symbolizing the on-screen couple of Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young. While Park Bo-young accepted the headband and put it on, Park Seo-joon refused, citing that he had spray in his hair.

Netizens who saw the video expressed their disappointment, stating, “It’s not respectful to the fans and Park Bo-young,” and “It’s not that difficult, couldn’t he have just worn it?” Some understood Park Seo-joon’s perspective, saying, “He doesn’t have to do everything fans ask,” and “It can be really tiring.”

Meanwhile, ‘Concrete Utopia’ is a disaster drama depicting the story that unfolds as survivors gather in the last remaining Hwanggoong Apartment in a Seoul turned into ruins after a massive earthquake. The movie is set to be released on August 9th.

Author Nat.O
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