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Park So-jin♥Lee Dongha: Blissful wedding ceremony on 18th November 2023

Girls Day’s Park So-jin and actor Lee Dong-ha got married on 18th November 2023.

Park So-jin announced the news of her marriage to Lee Dong-ha on her SNS last month and said, “Ahead of a moment of great joy in my life. I would like to share good news with you all. This coming November. I will spend the rest of my life with the person I love most on Earth, Lee Dong-ha. “I promised,” he said.

She continued, “She is the person who filled the empty space in my heart with love, the person who gave me a place to rest while I was busy living life, and the person I respect and love who made me realize that I am a precious person in the world. “She also expressed her affection for Lee Dong-ha.

The two appeared together in the 2021 movie ‘’Ghost Mansion’’.

Lee Dong-ha, born in 1983, and Park So-jin, born in 1986, are three years apart. Park So-jin is the first Girl’s Day member to get married and is receiving a lot of congratulations.

Park So-jin, who debuted with the group Girls’ Day in 2010 and is currently working as an actress, has appeared in dramas such as ”Essence of Happiness”, ”Shxxting Star”, and ”Bora! Deborah”.

Debuting as an ensemble member of the musical ‘Grease’ in 2008, Lee Dong-hwa dramas include ”It’s Okay, That’s Love”, ”Love of Eve”, ”One More Happy Ending”, ”Signal”, and ”The World of the Married”.


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