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Praise is pouring in for Shin Hye-sun amidst Ji Chang Wook’s controversy

Amid concerns about Ji Chang-wook’s image due to the indoor smoking controversy, praise is pouring in for Shin Hye-sun, who was also present. This has brought attention to her candid personality, particularly after her recent appearance on “You Quiz on the Block.”

Criticism arose over Ji Chang-wook‘s behavior in the video, with some claiming it showed a lack of awareness. In contrast, Shin Hye-sun, sitting right next to him, was seen diligently rehearsing with a smile, without losing her composure.

Netizens particularly praised Shin Hye-sun, saying, “She might have been uncomfortable sitting right next to him, but she didn’t even frown once,” and “Even though she was aware of the indoor smoking, she seems to understand it; her fellow actors are really magnanimous.” This garnered surprising reactions.

Additionally, Shin Hye-sun’s candid personality, which had been evident before, was highlighted once again during the filming of “Yoo Quiz on the Block.”

At the time, when asked how she usually spends her time, Shin Hye-sun, who revealed her MBTI type as INFP, said, “The part of my personality I like the most is that I’m good at turning off the switch. When I’m stressed, I turn it off.” She also mentioned, “Many people can’t detach from their characters after filming ends, but I can. I think it’s an advantage that I can do many projects.”

Furthermore, Yoo Jae-suk read a post from netizens, saying, “There’s a surprising eyewitness account. ‘Shin Hye-sun drinks really well. (Three people) drank over 20 bottles of Chamisul (soju).'” To this, Shin Hye-sun confessed, “My nickname is ‘Shin Boo-jang.’ They say, ‘Hey, drink more, drink more,'” evoking laughter.

She also said, “I don’t have any hobbies. I don’t feel the need to have hobbies well. Since I’m getting older, I think life would be better with hobbies, but I don’t. I think my capacity is a bit low. I think I need to empty it quickly and fill it up.”

Jo Se-ho asked, “Don’t you go on trips?” and Shin Hye-sun replied, “If you search YouTube these days, everything comes up. Packing, making up your mind, that’s burdensome,” laughing candidly, which many people found relatable, drawing attention to her personality.

Meanwhile, on the 11th, Ji Chang-wook’s agency, Spring Company, released an official apology, stating, “We apologize to everyone who felt discomfort due to actor Ji Chang-wook’s actions in the drama making content released on January 26th.”


Author Nat.O
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