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“Manitto”: QWER continues their impressive momentum

QWER continues their impressive momentum with first mini-album “Manitto”.

QWER has released their first mini-album “Manitto” and unveiled the title track “Addiction to Worry” along with its music video.

QWER is a band composed of members Chodan, Magenta, Hina, and Siyeon, who are well-known as YouTubers and former members of the Japanese girl group NMB48. Formed through the YouTube content project “Favorite Children,” they debuted with the song “Discord” and achieved remarkable feats such as topping music charts and ranking 9th in the all-time debut album sales (sales within a week after the album’s release) for girl groups.

“Manitto” follows the impressive trajectory of QWER. While “Discord” depicted the journey of four members with different backgrounds coming together as one band and explored the team’s identity, “Manitto” reveals the inner thoughts of QWER who experienced a fateful encounter, akin to a drama unfolding.

The title track “Addiction to Worry” expresses the inner thoughts of the speaker who endlessly worries about finding ways to get closer to their admired person and how to convey their feelings. With fast-paced and addictive drum and bass-based riffs and captivatingly lyrical melodies, the song’s diverse composition is charming.

The sincerity towards music shown in “Discord” has been further strengthened, and their skills have also grown. Above all, the refreshing sound reminiscent of cider, combined with melodic elements that hit the preferences of music fans, solidifies QWER’s distinct style.

QWER’s virtue lies in their precise understanding of what kind of music they excel at and what music resonates with music fans the most. It remains to be seen whether these musicians, who are inducing ‘music addiction’ with their addictive tunes, can become the precious ‘music manitos’ that music fans desire.


Author Nat.O
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