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Regarding actor Ahn Bohyun being suddenly embroiled in a controversy about his character, an associate of his revealed, “Ahn Bohyun finds it difficult that his mother and sibling see malicious comments.”

On the 8th, an associate of Ahn Bohyun stated to OSEN, “Ahn Bohyun accepts the position that he can’t avoid the controversy about his character, but he is struggling with concerns for his family.”

Earlier on the 4th, controversy arose about Ahn Bohyun’s character based on a captured image from behind-the-scenes footage of the tvN drama “Yumi’s Cells” (2021). In the image, despite there being a scene where Ahn Bohyun is holding the script himself, a captured moment shows a female staff member holding a script behind a table where Kim Go Eun is seated, leading to claims of “Ahn Bohyun not holding the script.”

Regarding this, Ahn Bohyun’s associate stated, “Even if we explain that he wasn’t not holding the script, those with biased views might not believe it. It seems like the female staff member voluntarily handed the script to Ahn Bohyun at that moment, not that Ahn Bohyun asked for it. Ahn Bohyun also mentioned that he doesn’t remember exactly why that staff member gave him the script at the time, whether it was to take a photo of the script with his phone or for another reason, as it happened more than 2 years ago.”

Furthermore, the associate said, “However, if people who weren’t present on the scene only see this video, they could easily misunderstand Ahn Bohyun. Due to the video, Ahn Bohyun has been misunderstood.”


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