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Remembering Sulli: 4 years since her departure

It has been four years since the popular girl group f(x) member and actress Choi Jin-ri, better known as Sulli, left this world.

Sulli, with her loveable and fresh smile, passed away at the young age of 25 on October 14, 2019. At the time, her sudden death came as a shock to many, as she had been actively engaging with fans through social media and maintaining a vibrant presence just two days before her passing.

Sulli, who debuted as a child actress through SBS’s ‘Seodongyo’ in 2005, later re-debuted as a member of the girl group f(x) in 2009. She gained love and popularity with various hit songs such as ‘La Cha Ta,’ ‘NU ABO,’ and ‘Electric Shock.’

In addition to her music career, Sulli ventured into acting, appearing in movies like ‘Pirates: Bandits Going to the Sea’ and ‘Real,’ as well as the SBS drama ‘To the Beautiful You.’

After leaving f(x) in 2015, Sulli continued to engage in active communication with her fans through reality shows and released her first solo single, ‘Goblin.’

Recently, at the 28th Busan International Film Festival held this month, Sulli’s work, ‘To My Truth,’ was unveiled. This full-length documentary showcases the thoughts and concerns of Choi Jin-ri, both as an artist and a 25-year-old, in an interview format, reflecting on various aspects of her life during that time.

Sulli’s peachy smile and vibrant personality are still dearly missed by her close friends and fans, who continue to cherish her memory.


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