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Rothy to release new song ‘Your season will come back today’

Singer-songwriter Rothy is offering sincere comfort to young hearts with her new song ‘Your Season Will Come Back’ released today.

Rothy will release the digital single ‘Your Season Will Come Back’ through various music streaming sites at 6 p.m. today.

‘Your Season Will Come Back’ is a ballad song that combines piano melodies and orchestral sounds, offering solace to young people who are living their lives fiercely with Rothy’s emotional vocals and warm lyrics.

Shin Seung-hoon, the nation’s top singer-songwriter who has shown excellent chemistry with Rothy, composed the song, and popular lyricist Sim Hyun-bo wrote the lyrics. Composer Hwang Sung-je handled the arrangement, enhancing the song’s perfection.

The music video to be released with the music video features a performance that compares swimming to competition amid emotional beauty. Rothy expresses deep empathy for young people on the brink of a new beginning, lost in contemplation. In addition to her delicate expressions, Rothy immerses the audience with high-level underwater acting.

Since her debut, Rothy has received much love from listeners with her music filled with messages of comfort, including ‘Stars,’ ‘Winter… Next Spring,’ and ‘Diamond.’ Along with expanding her musical world, Rothy is expected to leave a lasting impression on listeners with deep emotions that convey the feeling of the changing seasons as she finishes the year with a ballad.

This song is expected to bring warm healing to test-takers, much like the follow-up to Rothy’s debut song ‘Stars,’ which comforted the hearts of young people preparing for the college entrance exam.

Rothy’s digital single ‘Your Season Will Come Back’ will be released through various music streaming sites at 6 p.m. today.


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