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Rowoon was criticized by viewers for his continued immature hosting at the 2023 KBS Drama Awards

Rowoon was criticized by viewers for his continued immature hosting at the 2023 KBS Drama Awards.

On the 31st, announcer Jang Seong-gyu and actors Rowoon and Seol In-ah hosted the “2023 KBS Drama Awards”, which was held at the public hall of KBS’ new building in Yeouido, Seoul. All three people in charge of hosting appeared nervous as it was their first time hosting the “KBS Drama Awards”.

Rowoon, Seol In Ah, And Jang Sung Kyu Confirmed As Hosts For 2023 KBS Drama Awards | Soompi

However, perhaps because he was too nervous, Rowoon showed disappointment several times during the proceedings. In response to the comment mentioned by the other host,

Jang Seong-gyu, Rowoon responded with a machine-like appearance, saying, “I’m really curious,” to which Jang Seong-gyu pointed out, “I need your soul, please.”

In addition, Rowoon, as if looking at the prompter located near the audience, said, “(Seol In-ah) made a sensible comment that befits the title of KBS’ daughter,” and showed a soulless appearance rather than working together with Jang Sung-gyu and Seol In-ah.

At this, Jang Seong-gyu could not hold back his laughter and lowered his head.

After the broadcast ended, some people commented on Rowoon’s hosting, saying, “I thought he was Ai,” “I was embarrassed,” and “There was no soul in his eyes and way of speaking, so he was like a robot.”

In addition, unlike the other two MCs who had read the script in advance and proceeded naturally, Rowoon was caught several times fixing his gaze on the prompter and appearing to read it straight, which was disappointing.

Of course, since it was his first “KBS Drama Awards”, he may have been nervous and could not demonstrate his usual capabilities. However, Jeong Sung-gyu and Seol In-ah also hosted the first “KBS Drama Awards”, but viewers showed favorable reviews for them, saying, “I hope they host again next year.”

It seems difficult for viewers to make the excuse that they were nervous because it was their first time performing on a big stage. This is not the first time Rowoon has been criticized for ‘robot hosting’.

Previously, Rowoon also hosted the “KBS Music Bank Global Festival” held on the 15th along with actress Go Min-si, singers Lee Young-ji, and IVE‘s Jang Won-young.

During the show, MC Jang Won-young handed Rowoon a rose, saying it was a “gift”, and Rowoon smiled awkwardly, saying, “Thank you. Can I take this? When Wonyoung gave me the rose, my heart felt like it was pounding.”

Jang Won-young was caught smiling as if embarrassed by Rowoon’s reaction. Also, just like at the “KBS Drama Awards”, Rowoon showed an awkward appearance while constantly staring at the prompter at the “KBS Music Bank Global Festival”.

Some viewers expressed anger at Rowoon’s awkward progress, which was repeated several times. His presentation breaks the immersion and gets in the way of watching. Of course, Jang Seong-gyu, who co-hosted the show, was a former announcer and was skilled at hosting, so he may have been compared to Rowoon.

However, the majority of people are of the opinion that “It’s a shame that Rowoon doesn’t even show an attitude of trying not to watch prompter.”

Because he still lacks experience and is a former idol, the unfamiliar environment may have been a burden to him. Of course, it can’t be perfect from the beginning. However, even if he is lacking and immature, he takes responsibility for his work and makes an effort, which is a professional attitude.


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